Orchestra Information (December 2019)

Roy Wiseman is once again conducting our Messiah.

Dress: Men: tuxedos; Women: formal long black

Rehearsal Schedule for Sunday, December 22nd: 1:00 to 4:00

1:00 - Rehearsal with strings and harpsichord
1:15 - Jonghyun Park, tenor: "Comfort ye" & "Every valley"
1:30 - Rebecca Ringle Kamarei, mezzo: "Then shall the eyes," "Behold a virgin" & "O thou that tellest"
1:40 - Rebecca Ringle Kamarei and Lielle Berman: "He shall feed his flock"
2:00 - Lielle Berman, soprano: "There were shepards," "And the angel said," "And suddenly there was,' and "Rejoice greatly"
2:15 - Break
2:30 - Kenneth Overton, bass/baritone: "Thus saith the Lord," "But who may abide," "For behold," & "The people that walked"
3:00 - Rehearsal with oboes and choir
4:00 - Break with dinner in the kitchen
4:40 - Trumpet carols
5:00 - Performance

Oboes: come at 3:00 to rehearse with the chorus and then rehearse the Overture.
Trumpets: come at 4:30 to play Christmas carols in the choir loft, and then play the performance.
Timpanist: come to play the performance. (You're welcome to come at 4:40 to play the Alleluia chorus with us.)

Confirmed roster:

Violins: Cyrus Stevens, Perry Ellliot, Claudia Tondi, Diane Orson, Lisa Kugelman
Viola: Ann Drinan
Cello: Julie Ribchinsky
Bass: Joe Russo
Harpsichord: Christa Rakich
Oboes: Heather Taylor & Steve Wade
Trumpets: Julia & Andrew Caruk
Timpani: Alex Casimiro

Rehearsal pianists:

Gary Chapman
Ingeborg Schimmer